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X11, Window Managers 7.5 has been released. This version includes DRI2, Multi-Pointer X, Input device properties, X Input Extension 2, RANDR 1.3 (adds support for panning and for Projective Transforms, which can be used to scale the screen up/down as well as perform projector keystone correct or other effects) and video and input driver enhancements. Here are the release notes.
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RE[3]: YAY
by boldingd on Wed 28th Oct 2009 20:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: YAY"
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"You are not obliged to install the latest release. You can wait for a point release if you think it's going to break anything.

Doesn't mean anything if it's a point release or not when it comes to Linux. A good majority of the issues with new versions of screwing up installs relate to packaging issues by the Linux vendors, not itself. 7.5 may work like a breeze but 7.5.1 may break everything if the packagers are careless, I've seen this happen more than once with X, the kernel, and GNOME just to name a few. That's a big reason you don't update immediately or use a rolling release system in a production setting, you just don't know what bugs the distro-specific patches and packaging has created or unearthed in the code.

To be fair, that's true of other platforms too. I was under the impression that it's a good rule of thumb in general to never be a first-adopter when reliability is important. I think our internal IT department stages and tests Windows patches too, for exactly that reason. So, that's not really an X-specific gripe, but it's true of software in general.

And the original point still stands: no-one's standing behind you with a gun to your head, demanding that you install the new X server.

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