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General Unix I had the pleasure earlier this month of attending a demo day at HP's Cupertino campus to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the Superdome server, see what's new in the high-end server market and learn about what's going on with HP-UX.
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by poundsmack on Thu 29th Oct 2009 22:57 UTC
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of all the big guns of UNIX (IRIX, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OpenVMS), HP-UX interests me in the least. Now if HP put its attention to 1 of its unix's OpenVMS would be my choice. At least it has some really unique offerings, it could have been the king had it been given proper funding and development. c'est la vi.

If HP starts throwing it's weight behind HP-UX that means that OpenVMS will be on life suport that much more. shame really.

edit: and yes I know IRIX is dead(ish), but it was cool and had a lot of industry first features when it was in active development, just like OpenVMS.

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RE: eh
by lucas_maximus on Thu 29th Oct 2009 23:10 in reply to "eh"
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I had the pleasure of using IRIX on some SGI O2 machines down the university ... great operating system, IMO one of the best operating systems that I have ever used ... I just got on with it, it is a pity it is pretty much dead.

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RE[2]: eh
by poundsmack on Thu 29th Oct 2009 23:18 in reply to "RE: eh"
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god i wish i had more free time I really want to do an OSnews article called "The OS's of yesteryear" talking about some of the great operating systems (like IRIX) and others and their strengths. what they were then, where they are now, what happened to make them fade away, etc... I am lucky because my job has permitted me to use virtually every OS out there over the years (though most of my time is spend in the embedded world these days). Still, there are so many great operating systems out there, and the world needs to know! (seems like the right site for that kind of thing). anyone know if there is a video montage of every OS? if not, who wants to help me make one? it would be one awesome community project (as i don't have access to every os out there these days). any takers?

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RE: eh
by jamess on Fri 30th Oct 2009 00:15 in reply to "eh"
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RE: eh
by dvzt on Fri 30th Oct 2009 08:50 in reply to "eh"
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OpenVMS has nothing to do with Unix.

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RE: eh
by nadiasvertex on Sun 1st Nov 2009 19:42 in reply to "eh"
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OpenVMS isn't unix. Isn't even unix-y. It is cool, though.

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