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Windows Last week, security vendor Sophos published a blog post in which it said that Windows 7 was vulnerable to 8 our of 10 of the most common viruses. Microsoft has responded to these test results, which are a classic case of "scare 'm and they'll fall in line".
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RE: They deserve it
by cb_osn on Tue 10th Nov 2009 11:36 UTC in reply to "They deserve it"
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The fact is that windows has never and will never be a secure os.

And Linux will never let you install new hardware without recompiling your kernel.

Oh wait. We're both wrong.

The use of outdated criticisms only demonstrates your own technical ignorance.

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RE[2]: They deserve it
by Devi1903 on Tue 10th Nov 2009 11:52 in reply to "RE: They deserve it"
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I apologies for not elaborating. Microsoft has come a long way from XP in securing itself. And windows 7 is far more advanced in its security features, but none the less it is still not secure when comparing to linux for instance.

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RE[3]: They deserve it
by flanque on Tue 10th Nov 2009 22:26 in reply to "RE[2]: They deserve it"
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Until both OS's are tested in the wild with the same level (and stupidity) of users, along with the same level of focus from the bad guys, this really cannot be stated as fact.

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