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Multimedia, AV "The Video Electronics Standard Association officially issued its Mini DisplayPort standard Tuesday, based on the technology licensed from Apple. VESA said that all devices using the Mini DisplayPort connector must meet the specifications required by the DisplayPort 1.1a standard, and cables that support the standard must also meet specific electrical specifications. It's a formal confirmation of the news from earlier this year, when VESA announced the Mini DisplayPort connector would be included in the forthcoming DisplayPort 1.2 specification."
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DisplayPort vs. DPVL
by theosib on Tue 10th Nov 2009 17:55 UTC
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I was indirectly involved with the development of DPVL, Digital Packet Video Link. The idea behind DPVL was to make use of various transmission media (ethernet, DVI, etc.) to transmit not whole frames but only those parts of the screen that had been changed. This reduced the bandwidth for any one monitor, allowing for very large displays (consisting of any number of monitors daisychained) to be driven by one computer.

DPVL was ratified as a VESA standard, but it wasn't entirely successful, although it has ended up embedded in quite a number of niches. However, its legacy has hung around, and if I'm not mistaken, DisplayPort borrows some key ideas from DPVL.

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