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Windows Okay, so this is new. When it comes to graphical user interfaces, everyone is copying everyone, but you'll always find supporters of platform Abc claiming platform Xyz is stealing from them - and vice versa. Mac supporters have often stated that Vista and Windows 7 were copying from Apple, and according to Microsoft's partner group manager, Simon Aldous, this is true. Wait, what?
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Linux vendors should do it too... now!
by sergio on Wed 11th Nov 2009 21:20 UTC
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Microsoft has lots of money/power... and they copy OS X user interface. Fine!! It's better for all of us!

People from KDE (and GNOME) don't have any money but they try to reinvent the wheel with every release...

Please, accept it, OS X has the simplest and smartest user interface out there. Copy it, improve it!

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Zifre Member since:

That would be really bad. I absolutely hate the OSX UI. Some people love it though. Not everyone has the same preferences. That is why I like Linux so much; it is very configurable.

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The ability to configure an interface unconditionally may benefit yourself but does a massive disservice for a platform as a whole and the ultimate usability of it.

Consistency in UIs is far more important than configurability.

Configurability is only important when the interface is poor from the beginning which I suppose is why this level of adaptation is regarded so highly within the Linux community.

If an interface addresses the needs of most people, the interface out to limit the default options at UI configuration.

It explains why Linux is at one end of the spectrum and OS X is at the other.

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No, don't copy the UI. Use the design philosophies behind it: Simple, Intuitive, Elegant, Responsive, Pretty.

We don't need an all Aqua desktop landscape where the only difference between the OSes are the kernel and the accompanying plumbing. what we need are graceful interfaces that help the user in doing their computing tasks, without being intrusive.

I think MS got it with Windows 7. The interface is Simple, Intuitive, Elegant, Responsive, Pretty. Yet it isn't Aqua.

Let's hope the FOSS DE's get there too eventually. Don't get me wrong, I use Gnome at home, but when I look at KDE and GNOME it is clear that KDE needs a bit more work on the Simple part and Gnome definitely needs to bulk up on the Pretty.

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