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Gnome As most of you will know, the GNOME team is hard at work on GNOME 3.0, the first major overhaul of the platform since 2002. The release of GNOME 3.0 was originally planned for March 2010, but it has now been pushed back for six months to September 2010.
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RE: Thought Experiment
by Kalessin on Fri 13th Nov 2009 01:14 UTC in reply to "Thought Experiment"
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That's true, but the situation is quite different. Windows is a full OS which is sold, not only in stores, but on pre-built computers. All kinds of companies have to be ready for a new release of Windows and have to be able to sell it on the release date. Pushing the date back would cause all kinds of trouble for many companies other than Microsoft without even taking the customers into consideration.

OSS DEs are an entirely different can of worms. It's the distributions that are the "full OS," not the DEs. The DE, while an incredibly important part of a distro, is still just one part of it. And DEs certainly aren't sold, so no stores or OEMs have to worry about having it in hand on the release date. Also, on the release date of the new version of a DE, that's when the final code is released, not when any kind of physical product is released. So, the release date of a DE doesn't mean quite the same thing. In addition, the various distros tend to either use the previous release of the DE, or they have development versions of it in their development or factory repositories as they prepare for their next release. Granted, if one of the major DEs were to announce a delay only a month before their release, that could seriously throw some distros off, but new versions of these DEs come out frequently enough and such warnings are given enough ahead of time, that the distros have plenty of time to prepare.

Microsoft delaying Windows would be closer to Novell delaying the next release of SLED than gnome delaying their next release. There's really not much in common with an OSS DE being delayed and a proprietary OS like Windows being delayed.

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