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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This weekend, Palm launched its second webOS phone, the Palm Pixi. At the same time, the company also released webOS 1.3.1 for Pre owners in the US (other countries will follow later this month). At the same time, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein talked to The New York Times about his company.
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Well, from what I've seen there is no single generation which has that attitude. There's both senior geeks and teenage ones, and everything in-between, who just want the latest and greatest toy to play with.

To some degree that's true - I have a heap of apps on my iPhone that I don't use often - but everything on there I do use as some point. My sons and daughter-in-law to be (late teens and early twenties) have heaps of junk on theirs that they never use - a lot of them are those stupid free single purpose "tickle your fancy for five minutes" apps, that's probably the difference, but the point still carries, most iPhone users actively go looking for apps on a regular basis.

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