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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This weekend, Palm launched its second webOS phone, the Palm Pixi. At the same time, the company also released webOS 1.3.1 for Pre owners in the US (other countries will follow later this month). At the same time, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein talked to The New York Times about his company.
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I really don't think WebOS will overcome the lag issues in the sort term

I don't understand this. It seems reasonably straightforward. Giving the phone app realtime scheduler priority (schedtool -F, i.e. SCHED_FIFO), real time disk priority (ionice -c 1), and pinning its pages in memory should certainly do the trick. And may even be overkill. If disk i/o is still a problem, make sure that the phone app requires minimal to no disk access at critical times, like answering calls. This doesn't seem like an insurmountable problem to me. But I'm not a phone software expert, by any means.

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