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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This weekend, Palm launched its second webOS phone, the Palm Pixi. At the same time, the company also released webOS 1.3.1 for Pre owners in the US (other countries will follow later this month). At the same time, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein talked to The New York Times about his company.
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Other handset OSs pull off background apps with success.

Do they? Are you very sure about that? Most OS I've used on mobile devices that multitask eat battery life like nobody's business. Even the iPhone, when multitasking, has poorer battery life. If I listen to music and use other functions my batter goes down way faster. But never as fast as the Win Mobile phones and Nokia phones I have around me. The Android devices I've used also crash and burn in a similar usage pattern. I believe Apple should allow multitasking, but I's rather wait for hardware that is capable of multitasking without compromising my user experience and without leaving me high and dry when the battery fails to last a full day.

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