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Windows Earlier this week, a senior National Security Agency official told US Congress that the NSA had worked on Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. This spurred a flurry of rumours about the NSA building backdoors into Windows 7, but Microsoft has today categorically denied these claims.
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by Yamin on Fri 20th Nov 2009 16:33 UTC
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Just a lil aside as I noticed a few comments about open source trust. You will never know there is no back door, unless you review the code and compile it yourself. All true... but you know... we trust things all the time.

For all I know the NSA has a secret deal with Honda and my car can explode at the switch of a button by someone at the NSA. I'll never know. It is located deep in the internals of the fuel injection system. I have as much of a chance of finding it as I do finding the opcodes in a compiled binary.

Do I get the blueprints of the car (design) and watch it being made (implementation)? Just like software. Do I get the source code (design) and do I get to see it being made (compiled)?

The 'rights' you get with open source go well beyond what you get in virtually every other industry. You always have to 'trust' some person or some company who made the product.

Granted, open source makes it a lot easier to trust. Yet, like I said, it is well beyond the rights you get in almost every other industry.

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