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Linux Now this is one to ponder. This year, the Nobel Peace Prize went to Barack Obama, president of the United States. The prize has been given to both politicians and non-politicians alike, and Keith Lofstrom thinks its time to hand over the Peace Prize to a non-politician once more: Linus Torvalds.
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I propose Madonna
by ebasconp on Fri 20th Nov 2009 23:13 UTC
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Come on, I am a Linux user and I like this OS and I appreciate the effort performed by Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and all the community to bring us such beauty pieces of technology, but, honestly, how can we talk about giving a Nobel Prize to people that get some "technological" achievements?.... ok, the technology can bring peace and goodness and all such things but, Torvals was driven by the technology and not by the peace and Stallman was driven by his dogma and politics... no peace in their minds.

So, I propose Madonna because her "Little Star" song brings me peace and elevates my soul.... it makes no sense, right? the same thing there!

I think Linus or Stallman would be happier if they are prized with some technological prize than with the Nobel Prize for peace. A lot of people, foundations, organizations that fight against poverty, hunger, war and illness deserve such honorable prize; not any of us, coders... including Torvalds.

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