SciTech to GPL its Proprietary Device Driver Architecture

SciTech Software, Inc. today announced the intention to release the bulk of its proprietary device driver development tools under a new dual license structure. SciTech’s commercially available graphics driver pack, SciTech SNAP Graphics, currently supports nearly 180 graphics chip sets on multiple OS’es with full 2D acceleration. Access to all existing SciTech SNAP drivers will remain available under SciTech’s commercial license and will not be Open Sourced due to existing NDA’s with chip vendors.However, anyone choosing to utilize the SciTech SNAP development tools will have the ability to study GPL samples of SciTech SNAP drivers in the DDK. The dual license will allow developers the ability to quickly tap into this fully plug-and-play support base with little effort.

Our Take: The part that is useful (the drivers) are not getting open sourced. This “openess” will be useless for OSes that already do not support SciTech SNAP (eg. BeOS, FreeBSD, Solaris etc).


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