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FreeBSD Astute readers probably already saw this one waiting in our backend, but since there was no official announcement yet, I decided to wait. Now that it's officially here, let's rejoice: the FreeBSD team has released version 8.0 of their operating system, packed with new features and improvements.
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RE: What's the point with *BSD?
by toast88 on Fri 27th Nov 2009 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE: What's the point with *BSD?"
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Seriously, get some professional help. All that irrational anger can't be healthy.

Sorry, maybe I missed the point but where exactly did I offend someone personally so that you would have to offend me? I criticized the FreeBSD project and the way it is conveyed ("We're better than Linux because we're better.") and I put down my arguments. You didn't provide any arguments but just called me an idiot.

Great discussion,


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seriously if you make the comment, that a much used and well respected OS is pointless, when its just released its latest version - expect to get some grief. Certainly to suggest the need for professional help is over the top, but not to expect a reaction well that would show evidence of asperges (I don't suppose you did).

I note that you made references to the Debian installer - but doesn't Debian now offer a version with the Freebsd kernel presumably this would use the Debian installer and is evidence that the Debian project does not see Freebsd as pointless.

Personally I hope to find time to try out Freebsd and build a server that mirrors our current Linux server which uses opensuse and broke itself a little after updating. I doubt that Freebsd does that often - conservative stable sounds good to me in the right environment.

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("We're better than Linux because we're better."

Wow, that sound almost exactly like the common "We're better than Windows because we're better" argument from Linux zealots.

You didn't provide any arguments but just called me an idiot.

Too be honest, I didn't feel it would be worth my time to argue with your inane arguments.
No, I didn't call you an idiot. I argued that you may have some irrational anger against the BSD's that you for some reason felt complied to vent in this article's comments.

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It's called "if you are not able to argue against a message, shoot the messenger".

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