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GNU, GPL, Open Source From Free Software Magazine: "Google promises a much needed shift in the way small computers work. Problems like software updates, backups, installation, maintenance, viruses, have plagued the world for too long: a shift is way overdue. To me, however, the change about to happen shows us what many people have refused to believe for a long time: KDE and GNOME shot each other dead."
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So new, really?
by i92guboj on Sun 29th Nov 2009 21:32 UTC
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So, we have this brilliant *new* technology... right, but mainframes existed many decades ago, didn't they? Because that's what this "new" cloud word means: a mainframe, and lots of dumb terminals connecting to it. That model was discarded in favor of local storage and processing for a reason. Sure mainframes and central servers do still have their use cases, but they are not up for every single task. I for one wouldn't be storing my bank accounting on the Google cloud. I wouldn't even store it in my father's drawer to tell the truth, but hey, maybe it's just me.

There's *absolutely* nothing new about what Google is proposing us now, other than the graphical trend that the times dictate. Networked OSes were not only possible in the past, but the also they were the general trend.

Now, the second point. People is comparing an aplha software whose real use case is not even clear to two mature projects which are an entirely different thing like Gnome or KDE. It's like comparing cars to planes, they are different animals, they serve very different purposes, and neither of them is gonna replace the other anytime soon, not at least until you can park a plane at the very door of your house.

Sure chromium will be a brilliant browser, but it's not the magical solution to all the bad things in the world, and there's really nothing really revolutionary in this. To my eyes, it's just a remake of an old film, in all senses.

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RE: So new, really?
by jabjoe on Tue 1st Dec 2009 12:10 in reply to "So new, really?"
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Yep. You can take my fat client from my cold dead hands! Thin clients as terminals to a main frame, suck. Always have. Doing it with HTML and Javascript isn't going to make it suck less. I can't believe the crazy hype about cloud computing. There isn't anything new here!

As for the Gnome/KDE (and XFCE and LXDE) stuff. Both are fine, competition is good. Free software is a Unix ecosystem of interchangeable parts. You can even swap out the Linux kernel of a "Linux" distro and swap it with a BSD kernel (or open solaris)! I can't think of any part that can't be swapped out. This not only means you can customize for your exact needs, but keeps things modular. To have one desktop to rule them all is a stupid stupid idea from people who don't get it. In terms of computers too, it's better if people are educated in more than one desktop so they can see through to the fundamentals which are constant. In free software you couldn't force a single desktop if you tried, it's kind of the point. It's all free to evolve how it's users and developers see fit. The multiple desktop "problem" is from Windows users who can't think in non monocultural ways, and that's fine, they can keep making excuses to stay with Windows, but I'm not fixing their computers any more. ;-)

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