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Intel "Intel's experimental 48-core 'single-chip cloud computer' is the latest step in multicore processing. Intel officials say such a chip will greatly improve performance and efficiency in future data centers, and will lead to new applications and interfaces between users and computers. Intel plans to have 100 or more chips in the hands of IT companies and research institutes next year to foster research into new software. Intel, AMD and others are rapidly growing the number of cores on a single silicon chip, with both companies looking to put eight or more cores on a chip in 2010."
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RE: The problem is the software
by sbenitezb on Fri 4th Dec 2009 15:33 UTC in reply to "The problem is the software"
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The major problem now is the software. Most software out their today do not take into account multi-core CPU's, so it's as if they run on a single core anyway (mostly single threaded applications).

Depends on what software you are talking about. I guess a 48 core cpu isn't intended for the flash playing/web browsing user, but for servers and hard core desktops (designers, CAD, gaming). Most desktop and single threaded applications won't ever need so many cores.

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umccullough Member since:

Most desktop and single threaded applications won't ever need so many cores.

Except when they're loaded with malware - in which case the more cores there are to run the malware in the background, the better the user experience will be ;)

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I have a feeling more malware does not make for a better user experience.

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I take intel branding this as a "research chip for cloud computing" was not enough of a hint that this was not intended to be a desktop chip?

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