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Features, Office A few weeks ago, we talked about how the rise of computing, a field wherein English is the primary language, is affecting smaller languages, and more specifically, the Dutch language (because that's my native tongue). Of course, it's not just the smaller languages that are affected - English, too, experiences the pressure.
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RE: camel case in programming
by TemporalBeing on Fri 4th Dec 2009 16:01 UTC in reply to "camel case in programming "
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Microsoft, of course, had a great deal to do with popularizing CamelCase as the entire API is CamelCase.

I'm not sure Microsoft used Camel Case all that much until .NET - their legacy APIs (DOS, Win32, etc.) are full of Hungarian Notation, which they had a great deal in promoting. Basic/VBasic may be a different issue though.

Qt, on the other hand, has been using CamelCase for longer than .NET has been around; as have many others.

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