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Red Hat "If you run Itanium-based servers in your data center, 2010 has a surprise for you. The dominant supplier of commercial Linux, Red Hat, is not going to be supporting its future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on any Itanium platforms, old or new."
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Could this have contributed to the decision by Red Hat to drop Itanium for RHEL 6?
Without CentOS 5 on Itanium, there was no way to easily test RHEL 5 on Itanium without paying (at least for the final release) and that could have resulted in a drop in RHEL 5 Itanium subscriptions.

I seriously doubt it. It's hard to imagine an organization deciding upon Itanium servers and then making their deployment OS choice based upon what they can try for free. After all, RHEL for Itanium is only $349.

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