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Hardware, Embedded Systems In a very unsurprising move, Psystar is closing up shop. It will fire its eight employees, and be done with it. There isn't more to say, really, except this: one down, at least four to go, of which three in Europe. Good luck bullying those three, Apple. Update: Psystar's lawyers have stated that the original story wasn't true. Psystar will continue to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described by Judge Alsup. They will also continue the Florida case.
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by mrhasbean on Sat 19th Dec 2009 01:02 UTC
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Good luck bullying those three, Apple.

...protecting your business model within the allowed limits of the law and winning a case on legal merit as allowed by the law in the host country is somehow bullying?

If that's the case there are in all likelihood thousands of cases of "bullying" every day of every week in countries right around the globe, including yours Thom. There was never going to be any other outcome to this - anyone who looked at it logically could see that - and frankly Pystar were their own worst enemy.

And before Apple do anything in the host countries of these other clone makers they will examine the local laws to determine their best course of action. There are many options available to them that don't even require legal action considering the number of units their marketshare affords them in those countries. The US was a completely different scenario for them and they used the legal system to their advantage - like any smart company would do in the same situation. The other "targets" will certainly be interesting, but I don't know that it will (even need to) play out in the courts as with Pystar.

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RE: So...
by javiercero1 on Sat 19th Dec 2009 20:14 in reply to "So..."
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This is part of Thom's on-going battle with reality...

I am seeing a trend: mediocre writers without any technical background (never mind formal education in the subject) writing articles on subjects they know little about, and yet expecting their opinions to be somehow authoritative.

Thus, it is no wonder... than the legal field gets the same treatment by these individuals.

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