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Opera Software This is old news, but only just crossed my radar! Opera have made available a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5. There's a massive amount of change under the hood, and I caught wind via
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Unmentioned improvements
by Stratoukos on Wed 23rd Dec 2009 03:32 UTC
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Carakan brings some improvements that no tech site mentions and that are relatively buried in Opera's site.

With Carakan each tab gets its own heap for memory so a common operation of javascript (garbage collection) becomes a lot faster. Basicly the speed benefits of Chrome's process separation without the stability.

More importantly with Carakan the engine cahces compiled code. That means that the second time the engine encounters the same code it's going to execute much faster. Obviously this is something that has a huge impact in real world for when you are loading multiple pages of the same site, when you are reading different news stories on a site etc.

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