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OSNews, Generic OSes At the end of the year, mainly to shamelessly fill slow news around the holidays, OSNews usually asks the readers to share with all the other readers something about their computer setup. Since OSNews can be quite diverse when it comes to computing environments, these threads can often be quite interesting. This year, please chime in with the setup you use to read OSNews - computer, OS, software and maybe even provide screenshots or photos of your proud workspace. Has it changed a lot this year? Maybe switched browser, maybe switched OS even? Let everybody know!
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RE: I love these threads :)
by inaneframe on Fri 25th Dec 2009 22:27 UTC in reply to "I love these threads :)"
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I also see that you have a BUNCH of keyboards (BEAUTIFUL pizzabox btw), I COLLECT keyboards, last count I have 53, I can't go a week without catching slack from my fiance, family or friends about it!

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RE[2]: I love these threads :)
by helf on Fri 25th Dec 2009 22:38 in reply to "RE: I love these threads :)"
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Yep ;) I've ended up with a bunch. I don't actually collect them yet, but I always take them when given to me. My favorites are my IBM Model M keyboards (CLICKETY!), IBM AT keyboard, and some unknown make/model keyboard with arabic on it. Its really nice ;)

I just finally acquired an Apple IIGS and I must say, its keyboard is superb!

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inaneframe Member since:

If I started listing off all of my lovelies, we'd be here all damned day!

My two faves are my Unicomp Linux keyboard (grey and black) and my HHKB pro 2. I used to have a Samsung NC-10, and the sad thing is that the only reason I chose it is that I noticed that the ctrl and caps lock keys were identical in size (I swapped em), sad I know.

I can't stand the caps lock key.

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