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KDE Since the stream of news is still pretty much dry, I figured I'd throw in something I've been meaning to talk about for a while now, but really didn't dare to: KDE4's performance. Since experiences with KDE4 seem to widely differ between people, it might be a good idea if we, together, can find a common cause among those of us having problems.
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Kubuntu problems are not KDE problems
by fsck on Sun 27th Dec 2009 16:02 UTC
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There have been a lot of complaints about Kubuntu - especially the latest release being very buggy and crashy in general. I would suggest trying any other distro. If you still have the issues then there may be something more serious going on but I highly suspect this will solve your problems. Unfortuntaely Linux has been getting a very bad rap due to problems in ubuntu/kubuntu in general lately.

I use fedora with KDE 4.3. I have no such issues. I have also tried opensuse 11.2 and it has also been fine for me. I have also heard good things about mandriva. I am genuinely interested to see if you suffer any of those problems with those distros. At the very least it might make it easier to track down.
It would only take a moment of your time to try a live cd and see if the same issues persist.

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absolutely true, a lot of bug in the buzilla for kde are specific to *buntu... not able to reproduce it on opensuse, fedora, mandriva...

if you want to test kde, stay away of *buntu

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