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Microsoft BetaNews writes: "Microsoft executives and product managers -- Chairman Bill Gates, above all of them -- showed great technology vision for the new millennium. The company was right about so many trends to come but, sadly, executed poorly in bringing too many of them to market. Microsoft's stiffness, perhaps a sign of its aging leadership, consistently proved its foible. Then there is arcane organizational structure, which has swelled with needless middle managers, and the system of group competition".
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"the PS3 doesn't have Left 4 Dead 1/2, instantly rendering it a useless console.

No sane person plays first person shooters with a game pad.

but no human plays games with a keyboard and mouse. when i grow an extra usable arm or devolve to having monkey feet i will give it a shot. till then ill stick to what im comfortable with: the simple, ergonomic shape of a ps1/2/3 controller. really its just a matter of what your comfortable with, and not having 100+ keys closely spaced is a definite plus (i have turrets, so a keyboard is not an option)
ps: the nintendo gamecube had a better controller design in my opinion then the xbox ever thought about having and both were terrible...

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one on mouse and one on KB and one on? why would you need three arms?

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