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Opera Software HTML5 Video is coming to Opera 10.5. Yesterday (or technically, last year--happy new year readers!) Opera released a new alpha build containing a preview of their HTML5 Video support. There's a number of details to note, not least that this is still an early alpha...
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by cerbie on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 19:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by cerbie"
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I did not know that. Well, screw H.264, then. I rather think the way Fraunhofer did MP3 was awfully good, and promoted wide use. Royalties per transmission will be a good way to choke it off, and doing so after it's been out and become popular will foster only the best PR.

I think it's insane that we have IP law systems that will even allow that sort of licensing, too. A cost for an encoder and/or decoder, if you're out to sell it to somebody, is entirely fair. A cost for that, and for making content and/or using it? No. Participation costs BAD. It is not analogous to something like TV, where there is ongoing content creation, and service maintenance, that basically doesn't exist on the side of the video format guys.

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