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Amiga & AROS After days of wild speculation and ridiculously fast-growing threads on, we finally know most of what we need to know about the new Amiga. This is not just a random PowerPC evaluation board that you can stuff in a generic case - no, this is an all-new system with a custom motherboard, and some very, very interesting innovations - like a fully customisable co-processor. Twenty-five years after the introduction of the first Amiga, this is one heck of a machine.
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While on the desktop Linux may have a small (but growing) market share, it does have the advantage in the networking world to all other O.S's ... Google's O.S can only increase the desktop share..

So I will go back to my Linux desktop thank you, it works great and most (non-games) software is released from this platform - unlike for the Amiga with it's 0.00000000000002 % desktop market share

btw : I love the amiga and always have.

The reason I love Linux is due to its similarities with the Amiga..

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The reason I love Linux is due to its similarities with the Amiga..

The reasons I hate Linux it is beacuse it is completely different.

Geeky, not-responsive desktop-GUIs, system for directories made for geeks only, installation and configuration may vary in quality and reliability thru various distros, by spotting some that are really low quality, medium quality and high quality in the well known public distros.
If it fails something you must find in manuals what of the dozens (literally dozens) script files that require Linux has the fault text string that must be edited by hand.

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