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Internet Explorer It would appear that Microsoft will finally take standards compliance in the browser world seriously, after dragging its feet for years. Back in November 2009, the Redmond giant already revealed that Internet Explorer 9 would come with CSS3 and HTML5 support, and now the cup runneth over, as Microsoft has requested to join the W3C's SVG Working Group.
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RE[8]: Comment by Kroc
by ricegf on Thu 7th Jan 2010 11:09 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Kroc"
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Oh, don't be silly. I'm forced to use IE8 on work websites (they check, the scoundrels), and waiting for a freaking tab to open is like waiting for the glaciers to melt. Not at start up, mind you - *normal* operation.

What's worse is that I'm spoiled by Firefox and Chrome (can't decide which to use... I'm not indecisive... well, yes, I am...) to hit control-T and immediately type the new URL. With IE8, in most cases this results in my EXISTING tab going to the new website, then switching leisurely to a new blank tab. Makes me want to throw the Dell D630 laptop across the room every time (not exactly an "ancient computer").

Page rendering time seems lethargic as well, especially next to Chrome, and its lack of customization makes it pale compared to the custom fit that is Firefox.

IE8 is certainly better then IE6 or IE7, but that's a bit like saying the economy is better now than in October. There's a *reason* Microsoft is shedding market share like snake skin despite using their Windows desktop monopoly to push their own browser. It's really just not a very compelling product in a lot of ways, your claim of a "grudge against IE" notwithstanding.

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