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OS/2 and eComStation We're already nine days into the year 2010, and yet, eComStation 2.0 has not yet been released. The final release should've been released before the end of 2009, but December 31 came, and no release. Luckily, the eComStation team has released a statement, saying that the final release is definitely around the corner.
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RE[3]: eCS 2.0
by frajo on Sun 10th Jan 2010 23:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: eCS 2.0"
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In other words OS/2 with updated drivers and support for latest hardware.
That's not all. The (from my POV) most important feature of OS/2 are its unsurpassed integrative possibilities. As Thom mentions in another comment OS/2 runs DOS better than DOS and Win 3.1 better than Win 3.1. (This meant for me I could run dozens of DOS boxes concurrently on one machine while developing programs on my job.) It is very friendly to linux software, too. We now use samba und CUPS, we've adapted qt4. Our assembler-coded pmview is the fastest picture viewer/editor on earth. We've got the big standards like AMP, the fx/tb suite and OpenOffice.
And we enjoy something that according to the gurus of the rest of the world must not be enjoyed ever: A malware free OS. 18 years of the delicious forbidden fruit without regret. ;)

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RE[4]: eCS 2.0
by OSGuy on Mon 11th Jan 2010 00:26 in reply to "RE[3]: eCS 2.0"
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Hi, frajo, I have always favored the eCS look and feel and I like the OS in general. It reminds me so much on classic Window 9x/2000 and I like this. I also really like the way your taskbar looks. However I don't want to raise my hopes for nothing.

Can you honestly answer the following question? Does Serenety Systems have access to the kernel source code or are the current improvements that we see patches on top of an old kernel?

Also something else irrelevant, I am not very aware of how OS/2 works so I want to know: Is OS/2 a GUI on top of DOS or is there no DOS and you just provide access to a command line? Or is it a kind of a mixture of the two? It uses CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXECT.BAT so that makes me think that OS/2 is a GUI on top of DOS but correct me please if I am wrong. I know it's kind of like NT.

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RE[5]: eCS 2.0
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 11th Jan 2010 05:58 in reply to "RE[4]: eCS 2.0"
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Its not on top of Dos, rather the other way around. It an os that can run dos compatible programs, even better than NT could. Its a fully fledged, decent Operating system, not at all like the 9x branch of windows that was really sorta kinda based on dos. But yes, similar to NT ( NT was not based on dos, its New Technology.. NT) in that NT is also not a gui on top of dos, but can run some dos programs.

Basically, you'r confused, but I'm not sure I did a very good job of un confusing you. good luck.

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