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Graphics, User Interfaces Every now and then on OSNews, we discuss typography and language. Despite the fact that many think it's not relevant for computing - it most certainly is. Whether you're browsing the web, reading email, or chatting over IM - the most common element on your computer screen is typography. Today, I want to discuss something we barely have in my native language: small capitals.
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At one point in my life...
by Tuishimi on Tue 12th Jan 2010 15:28 UTC
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...I created educational material for a QA group in DEC. Workbooks and such.

Learned many tricks of the trade and with that came many cautions about font usage. Fonts are extremely powerful ways of leading the eye and demarcation of thoughts and ideas.

While I don't have a vendetta against small caps, I agree their usage should be quite limited.

It is actually easier for the eye (brain) do discern mixed case. Letters are more quickly recognized and reading becomes more flowed. Other things that are important are white space and balance (back to fonts, with titles, header/footer graphics, etc.)

Anyway... this topic should be MORE frequently addressed especially in web development groups.

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