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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's funny how while software changes so fast, and many hardware components evolve at ridiculously fast paces (processors, memory, hard drives), the keyboard has remained largely unchanged over the years - until recently, that is. Even Lenovo has now buckled under the pressure, switching to a chiclet-style keyboard for ThinkPads - while also removing the SysReq key.
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RE: Be careful, Lenovo.
by TemporalBeing on Thu 14th Jan 2010 18:40 UTC in reply to "Be careful, Lenovo."
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There is no doubt in my mind that the keyboards in ThinkPads are simply superior, often beating even normal non-laptop keyboards. No other laptop/netbook comes even close. Actually for me, the keyboard is probably the single most important feature when it comes to ThinkPads as laptops.

EDIT: As a disclaimer, I haven't used (very) new Lenovo models so I don't know if the keyboards are still as good as in the IBM times or shortly after.

I have to quite well disagree with you - perhaps better than most laptops, but not normal keyboards. I actually can't stand laptop keyboards; perhaps b/c I'm so use the breadth of my MS Natural Keyboards (about the only MS product I buy; and one that has probably saved me from having massive carpel tunnel issues).

My T61p's keyboard is a bit more spacious than my Dell D600's - but it's not that much different from the Dell D800's either.

...As for keys to remove, Windows-keys should go straight away together with all unnecessary "multimedia keys" and related crap (volume up, down, and mute are all that is needed).

The Windows key is one of the most versatile and useful keys on the keyboard, and provides a great place for Windows Manager/non-application short-cuts like: open run dialog (Win+R), explorer (Win+E), System Information (Win+PauseBreak), Minimize All (Win+M), and many more.

Sadly, most Linux distros or Windows Managers don't map these by default.

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