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Google A few days ago, Google opened up a YouTube area on its product ideas website, so that people could submit their ideas about how to improve the ubiquitous video website. It turned out it was a bit of a can of worms Google opened there: everything focussed on HTML5 video support.
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RE[2]: Go Google!
by kaiwai on Sun 17th Jan 2010 01:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Go Google!"
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Flash maintained its 98% penetration for something like a decade before it started playing video. The video tag has great merit, but you're going to be sorely disappointed if you think it'll be the end of Flash. html5 video won't even make a dent in Flash.

You're right that it isn't going to end with the video tag but at the same time, with each piece of technology being developed there are less and less reasons to use Flash or Silverlight. I remember when I first started usign the internet over a decade ago. Flash and Java Applets were abused to buggery but as soon as new and exciting open standards came online there were less and less reasons to use them.

Microsoft has realised this and hence are starting to add new standards support to Internet Explorer 9 - they realise that it isn't a matter of either/or - that there are some people who want to use Silverlight whilst others who don't want to use it. What one might see eventually is a rise in the number of web standards based websites but at the same time people will still develop for Flash/Silverlight.

For me it isn't a matter of dogma or religion - just simply the matter of the fact that there is no decent Flash plugin. The Flash plugin by Adobe is absolutely crap but if they turned around tomorrow and said that they were to open it up under a licence like CDDL or BSDL or some liberal licence, not only would the collective efforts of the open source community muck in and fix up long standing issues, there would be some real progress forward based on those who use it on a regular basis - endusers and so forth.

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