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ReactOS The ReactOS project aims to be an open source Windows NT-compatible operating system which can run Windows applications and utilise Windows drivers. Obviously, this is quite a daunting task, and as such, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, project coordinator and kernel developer Aleksey Bragin has proposed a rather drastic solution.
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Actually, people do care about drivers for their weird-ass legacy hardware that the manufacturer went out of business 5 years ago, and there's not enough demand for porting the drivers to Linux.

And, I was under the impression that the Linux driver interfaces weren't stable (by stable, I mean not changing, and I don't mean not crashing.)

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Exactly so: I think a large part of the expected pay-off is being able to use all those existing, well-supported Windows drivers, and having hardware support on the same level as Windows.

I think the designers also have a few (possibly legitimate) gripes with the way POSIX-OS's do things: at least, that's what I recall their FAQ saying. So, "fixing many of people's gripes about Linux" may also be something of a goal.

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