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Privacy, Security, Encryption "An error-checking algorithm found in software used to attack Google and other large companies circulated for years on English-language books and websites, casting doubt on claims it provided strong evidence that the malware was written by someone inside the People's Republic of China."
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Poor dear...
by dulac on Wed 27th Jan 2010 15:35 UTC
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In an imaginary trial, the defense:

- Though my client has a long history of crimes against these people... motivation... opportunity... not changing it's mind in regard of the victims... etc. etc... May I remind you that evidence #16 (the weapon used) is not proven to be his creation?

- I ask this court to investigate a certain mr winchester (close linked with the gun) instead of losing time with the profiler and detectives hints. These, and the family victims, only harass my client and (in absence of hard rock solid evidence) should be severely punished for disturbing my client.

[ Is everybody drunk? ]

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RE: Poor dear...
by Tuishimi on Wed 27th Jan 2010 16:15 in reply to "Poor dear..."
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