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Microsoft Microsoft presented the results for its second quarter of the 2010 fiscal year yesterday, which ended on December 29 2009. As it turns out, thanks to sales of Windows 7, Microsoft experienced a record quarter, which is especially welcome after the previous two lacklustre ones. It sold 60 million Windows 7 licenses during this record quarter.
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I didn't hold marketshare up as an example of why Windows is better on the desktop, just as an indicator that it is better on the desktop and then I gave some reasons why. I wouldn't use Windows for a server. And I myself run Ubuntu in VirtualBox, so I can get Unix-y stuff when I need it without the hassle of constant brokenness when I want to do things like browse the web, play games, create real documents and do Windows/.NET development for my day job.

Constant brokenness when you browse the web? or make real documents (like PDF yeah? Word is a total joke for professional typesetting). Games, well you have a point there, but not everyone cares about those - although I do, but if could get the same games on the Mac I would (DirectX was an excellent lock-in strategy for Microsoft as is working exactly as they planned, and you can't even see it) - but consoles are a better fit than PCs for many in that space.

Windows 7 is nice, I'm glad you like it, but it is not better on the desktop for all users, and it certainly aint better outside of the desktop space. That is why Windows has essentially failed in the embedded space and Apple and Google are able to lead though in space.

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You don't use Word for professional typesetting. That's what LaTeX or other tools are for. But for general office productivity, Word/Excel/Access (cursed be its name) still beat the pants off, which is the only package that is even close to competing with MS Office.

Brokenness on the web: crappy flash support, slow Java and, of course, you have to deal with the slow performance of X when browsing the web, so switching tabs, scrolling, etc. are slower than in Windows where graphics are properly accelerated (or at least more properly than in X) and the toolkits aren't slow as f--k.

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Wow, you really have an axe to grind. ;)

How you can consider Word/Excel to be the epitome of office productivity is beyond me. Perhaps you've never tried WordPerfect/Quattro Pro? ;)

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