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Gentoo I've been wanting to try Gentoo for some time, but always had to roll my eyes at the pages and pages of installation instructions. This time, however, I rolled up my sleeves and buckled down. Minutes later, I was on my way.
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by blixel on Wed 5th Oct 2005 21:03 UTC
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>> When you first fired up Linux, did you first RTFM?

> You're making my point. This is why my (insert acquaintance here) doesn't use Linux but they DO use Firefox.

This wasn't to me, but ... talk about derailing a topic. So now instead of talking about how you probably had to read documentation when you first used Slackware 1.0 over a decade ago, or how you would be expected to read documentation for a distro like Gentoo even today, you want to spin the issue into why your acquaintances don't use Linux? Because ... ?

I wouldn't recommend that your acquaintances use Gentoo. I would suggest something like Ubuntu. And if they weren't willing to spend as much time learning how to use Ubuntu as they spent learning how to use Windows, I would then suggest they just stick with Windows and be content with the security problems of Windows and its spyware and viruses.

Go ahead ... spin this into yet something else that is totally irrelevant.

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