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Windows Heck, Microsoft really weren't kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world. NetApplications released its figures for January 2010, and it seems that after only three months of availability, Microsoft's latest baby has already hit the 10% market share mark.
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RE: Why is this a supprise?
by cerbie on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 06:46 UTC in reply to "Why is this a supprise?"
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The thing is, Windows 7 adoption is much greater than new machines. That's what really makes it impressive. MS' newest is always on the new PCs.

If the hardware supports it (FI, a good bit of recent-but-pre-HD-series Radeon chips are SOL), and you're not starved for RAM (like my notebook), there's really no downside. Just tonight, my father and I added one more to the number, convincing a long-time friend and customer to finally upgrade from Win2k. If 7 were no better than Vista, it would have been an upgrade to XP, to make it until the 2014 cut-off.

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