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Hardware, Embedded Systems Ah, the ARM chip. ARM is a hugely successful architecture, and can be found in just about every cell phone or other small device out there. ARM, however, wants more, and for a long time now we've been hearing predictions about an upcoming massive rise in ARM netbooks - so far, this hasn't materialised. Warren East, ARM's CEO, said in an interview with PC Pro that netbooks could one day make up 90% of the laptop market - preferably powered by ARM processors of course.
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good to see a British company do well
by project_2501 on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 20:40 UTC
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It's good to see a British company do well!

From humble beginnings (BBC micro) to global presence (licensing to Intel, chips in most portable devices).

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Indeed. There was a time when Britain was the centre of the computing world. We even gave a ZX Spectrum to the Japanese prime minister as a show of our computing capabilities. Games used to be released here before America (imagine that!) and young British hackers would crack the games and then transmit them to America over hijacked phone calls (blueboxing, &c.). It was the age of the real life WarGames.

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Oh, and I highly recommend tracking down the film/dramatisation/documentary “Micro Men” It’s about the early history of British home computing and it’s great for Acorn / Sinclair fans.

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Games used to be released here before America (imagine that!)

That's because all the good games back then was made in Europe. Well, they still are imho.

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