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Microsoft Sometimes, the sheer size of a company like Microsoft can make it quite hard to see and realise just how large and profitable such a company can really be. In these kinds of situations, there's nothing like a clear graph to make all those pretty numbers tangible. Up to a point.
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Bill Gates did code back in the day and wrote the Dos boot loader on the plane ride to the first client meeting where he had to demo Dos. The boot loader worked though the demo was also the first test of it.

Steve Wozniac was a hardware hacker that had been designing circuit boards the way the current gamers spend time playing through titles. He literally designed and build the Apple computers in the early days.

Steve Jobs was a charismatic kid with a nack for making deals and selling. He did the managing and the dreaming up of where products could go but no hard good development.

Bill had code cred though first blew out his street cred with the now famous open letter. Steve had hardware and code cred as the product development side of apple. Steve had the entrepreneurial drive to try and make it a business.

Then there is the investor that gave Apple the money to move from a garage chip board vendor to a personal computer manufacturer.

That is if lore holds true.

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