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Internet & Networking There's a bit of ruckus going on at the moment in the world of HTML5. A number of people are claiming that Adobe has blocked the latest publication of the HTML5 standard. However, after diving into the actual mailing list threads, it becomes obvious quite quickly that it's nothing but a misunderstanding. Update: Masinter replies: "No part of HTML5 is, or was ever, 'blocked' in the W3C HTML Working Group - not HTML5, not Canvas 2D Graphics, not Microdata, not Video - not by me, not by Adobe."
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RE[2]: Comment by mtzmtulivu
by mtzmtulivu on Mon 15th Feb 2010 05:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by mtzmtulivu"
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We all know what the solution is - open source the damn plugin; there is no value derived from the plugin - you make the dollars off the development tools. Open source the plugin under a liberal licence and allow vendors to contribute and fix up the problems because so far Adobe has demonstrated gross incompetence when it comes to delivering a stable product.

people give this argument also give another one saying that it is only a matter of time before hulu ditch flash and use html5/video. Hulu will never do this because they want people to always stream their contents and will never go with a "naked" streaming solution that will allow people to record their streams. For this reason, adobe will most likely never open source their player because they want to keep all content providers who want to keep their contents locked up. Flash going open source today and hulu will go silverlight a few seconds later.

as long as content providers want their stuff locked up, there will always be proprietary technologies that will allow them to do that ..why not be happy with the devil u know than the devil you dont? moonlight has so far show no interest in implementing proprietary technologies netflix uses in streaming their contents in silverlight and to expect microsoft to support anything other than windows is expecting too much from them and that will surely lead to disappointments

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