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Gnome GNOME Shell is the new core user interface for GNOME 3. GNOME Shell 2.29.0 brings a lot of new features and improvements, the most noticeable being a new message tray showing notifications sliding into the bottom of the screen, a status area for past notifications, the ability to set your presence to the user status menu, switching the overview between a grid and linear view of workspaces.
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JavaScript capability
by akaas on Wed 24th Feb 2010 06:01 UTC
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Personally I think the most interesting feature is possibility to do UI components with JS:

I have tried gnome-shell couple of times and I must say that I really liked it.

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RE: JavaScript capability
by superstoned on Wed 24th Feb 2010 17:32 in reply to "JavaScript capability"
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Interesting - probably. But they're not really looking for external contributors - they simply use the language themselves to implement the vision they had for the Gnome Shell. Which is perfectly fine, but don't expect an extensive plugin API. Actually the gnomes are more looking at companies when it comes to input for their development, not individual volunteers (you can read that on Stormy's blog for example).

That's more the way of the other camp (or should I say Kamp?) where a javascript jam session contest is going on:

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RE: JavaScript capability
by Elv13 on Wed 24th Feb 2010 18:22 in reply to "JavaScript capability"
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KDE is able to do that since 4.1. But I think CSS+JS+HTML to expand Native application is a good thing. Firefox can do that since years, and look how it turned. It is great!

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