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Linux Linux 2.6.33 has been released. This version features Nouveau, Nintendo Wii and Gamecube support, DRDB (Distributed Replicated Block Device), TCP "cookie transactions", a syscall for batching recvmsg() calls, several new perf subcommands (perf probe, perf bench, perf kmem, perf diff), support for cache compression and other improvements. See the full changelog here.
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For people running servers that require maximum disk reliability, some of us like to use full data journaling. This involves double-writes of all data, but it's more robust. Well, EXT4 doesn't support delayed allocation (which would a really nice optimization) in data journaling mode. STILL.

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You can use XFS to put the full journal in a second disk, so your disk will undergo less I/O stress. But I agree, being able to wait for idle moment to do the stuff would be nice, but it's a little dangerous.

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I thought XFS only journaled metadata.

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I think ext3/4 can put the journal somewhere else too. Or is it only ext4? I remember checking that for my eeepc...

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