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Opera Software After a number of alpha and beta releases, Opera Software has announced the final release of Opera 10.50 for Windows, which they call "the world's fastest browser for Windows". Apart from performance improvements, Opera 10.50 comes packed with other new features, as well as improved integration with Windows 7.
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This was definitely a rush job, released prematurely to go on the browser ballot.

Yes, it is. That's not a bad thing. No browser is perfect, especially after such a massive upgrade.

Stick with the default configuration and everything seems to work OK, but go into preferences and start changing things, using some of Opera's more unusual features, and there are lots of problems. Some of the bugs were reported during alpha testing and still aren't fixed.
I couldn't install Opera 10.5 over the top of my 10.10 installation even if I wanted to; the custom settings I've used for years would break it.

You offered one example, and fair enough, it is a definite issue. But I've mucked around with plenty of things in my UI, and I've not had any more problems than there's been with any other version. I have no idea why you think installing over 10.10 would break it. Have you tried it? I mean with the final, not the pre-release versions?

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I have no idea why you think installing over 10.10 would break it. Have you tried it? I mean with the final, not the pre-release versions?

I use Opera as an MDI browser. MDI is still pretty much unusable in 10.5, with a number of major problems in its implementation, so that would break it on its own. MDI is my single favourite Opera feature, I'd stick with 10.10 indefinitely just for this.

Then there's the floating panel, which causes Opera 10.5 to spawn empty, toolbar free phantom windows when started - one for each Opera window that's open. It also maximises itself whenever a new Opera window is opened.

Minimising tabs is broken too. Any pages that are minimised when a session is closed are inaccessible when the session is reopened. I use minimised pages a lot to keep the window uncluttered.

Those are the main deal breakers for me, but there are quite a few other annoyances. They're features that are included in the preferences but simply don't work, not minor glitches or issues of aesthetics.

Obviously it'll depend on what features you use, but for me a lot of the reasons why I use Opera are no longer working in 10.5. I can't think of a previous beta that had as many issues that affected my browsing, let alone a final.

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