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Legal Today's "the day after". The day after Apple started a patent war with HTC and Google. Today, we have statements from both HTC and Google, and a number of other people have weighed in as well as to the possible ramifications of Apple's lawsuit.
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by Neolander on Mon 8th Mar 2010 07:27 UTC
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This remembers me of the shuffle.
A battery, some flash memory, 3$ worth of amplifiers and audio material, some buttons, a dirty old processor that is probably almost given for free now, a pretty box, and how many does that cost ? Oh, well... It does not matter if it's so much overpriced that it makes me cry, it's just cheap enough and people will buy it.

Sometimes, Apple manage to sell extremely limited things at an insane price. If they fail to do that with iPhoneOS, I'll certainly be more than happy. I'm extremely disappointed with iPhone OS, and I expected Apple to do better than porting this... thing... on a larger computer, in an attempt to introduce cloud-powered dictatorship in the world of real computers.

Let's explain why I feel that iPhoneOS is a bad road to take for handheld computing in five points.

iTunes - Okay, so now I need a bloated media player in order to use my phone. Just explain me how I backup all my data on my computer and easily transfer anything other than multimedia content on my tool.

App Store - Okay, I see the picture better : you own my apps, you decide what may be installed, and it doesn't even cost you a single thing because external devs make apps for you without asking for a single counterpart when you make ads based on them...

Single task - In case I forgot that you want me to use your silly iTunes store, you now forbid me to listen to a web radio when writing a long mail.

No physical keyboard - Aaaah, that's it, you don't even want me to write a long mail... This explains why I can't copy and paste data from the web browser to the mail reader, too...

No bundled PDF reader, no way to store and manage pdf files on the device easily - And with that you're sure that I'll use your iBook things, forgetting that the very reason why people use PDFs is that a lot of documents can't be found on bookshelves !

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