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GTK+ Imendio announced that it has been working on a port of native Gtk+ for Mac OS X.
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Microsoft products (Office 2003, WMP 10, etc) look far more out of place than GTK+.

Yeah, sure, dude. Wake me up when GTK+ apps use native Windows dialogs. When the buttons - even with the oh-so-great Wimp theme - are sized like normal Windows buttons. And, finally, when widgets GTK+ don't REDRAW THEMSELVES AT 1 Hz RATE. Seriously, I was able to reliably make a screenshot of a Gaim or Gimp window in the process of redraw. Just how much slower can it get?

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Wake me up when GTK+ apps use native Windows dialogs


Inkscape uses native Windows dialogs and redraws fast enough on my 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 box at work. It's also prety fast using Linux on my old 700 MHz Celeron at home

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Show me the screenshot. I'm staring at inkscape on XP and it's using GTK+'s native file dialog. Redrawing is an issue as well, no matter how much you wish it wasn't.

I tested GTK+ and wxWidgets to see what to use to program a little utility app I wrote. I ended up choosing wx because of the above issues, which was disappointing.

Here's to the continual improvement of cross platform GTK+!

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