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Multimedia, AV In January, we had read the various arguments regarding Mozilla's decision not to get an H.264 license. This has generated a lot of discussion about the future of video on the web. With Youtube, Dailymotion, Hulu and Vimeo having adopted H.264 for HD video, Mozilla and Opera should use the codecs installed on a user's system to determine what the browser can play, rather than force other vendors to adopt Ogg. Refusing to support a superior codec would be a disservice to your users in years to come. Why hold back the majority of your users because 2% of your users are on niche OSes?
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Endless Prattle
by PLan on Sun 28th Mar 2010 17:26 UTC
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For goodness sake Google release VP8 under favourable terms so I don't have to wade through any more of these endless Theora vs. H.264 debates.

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