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Legal I guess this is what some people would call "karma". Apple may shout off the rooftops that it invented multitouch, and that anyone else using it is clearly stealing it from them - but another company has taken offence to that, and has slapped the Cupertino giant with a patent infringement suit over multitouch.
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by Envying1 on Wed 31st Mar 2010 22:23 UTC
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The patent says " a pointing and control device.".

My understanding is "trackpad" may fall under the defined category, but "multitouch screen" is very arguable.

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RE: Interesting
by jonathane on Wed 31st Mar 2010 22:28 in reply to "Interesting"
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The "pointing and control device" is the screen, which replaces an external mouse or trackpad.

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RE[2]: Interesting
by mrhasbean on Wed 31st Mar 2010 23:03 in reply to "RE: Interesting"
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The "pointing and control device" is the screen, which replaces an external mouse or trackpad.

"...appropriate sequences to emulate the operations of cursor control and button actuations in a pointing and control device..."

The iPhone, iTouch and iPad don't have a "pointing and control device" - other than your finger - for it to be emulating, so I don't think this will fly against those devices. It is clearly a patent for trackpads so if anything they could sue Apple over their laptop range, unless of course Apple already pays license fees in regard of those.

Wasn't this patent issued to Logitech? Is this another patent troll?

And for those who keep on this ridiculous soapbox about Apple being "evil". FFS grow up will you. Apple are a company and are no more evil than any other company who want to make a profit. It's called capitalism, and if you don't like it go find some non-captialist country in which to reside - Cuba or North Korea would welcome you with open arms - and I'm sure your access to the internet and latest technology there would be tremendous.

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RE: Interesting
by vodoomoth on Thu 1st Apr 2010 15:35 in reply to "Interesting"
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What's arguable in there? Isn't the iPhone's screen used to point and control the smartphone? "Sure it is" you think. Isn't that screen a device? "Of course it is" you end up saying. If so, how can it not be a "pointing and control device"???
...flabbergasted here...

My understanding is "trackpad" may fall under the defined category.

"May"? Come on! Are you such an Apple hardcore follower that it's not obvious a trackpad falls "under the defined category"? If a trackpad doesn't, what would?
I came to discover the MacBook Pro and I love it. But even if I were a hardcore follower, the news of that patent (filed 14 years ago!!) would still make me flinch somehow, enough not to make such a blatant display of something I don't know the translation of (in French, we say "mauvaise foi").

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