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Editorial A few years ago I wrote on OSNews several articles (1,2) about workstations. After three years I had to stop, because there were no workstations left on the market, they became legacy and were not sold any more. Now with the rise of mobile devices with touchscreen and wireless network connectivity virtually everywhere, the question becomes valid, what will happen with the desktop computers, are they still needed, or will they follow the workstations on their way to computer museums?
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RE[2]: I don't think so
by Morgan on Wed 7th Apr 2010 03:03 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't think so"
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Exactly! We have progressed more and more towards an ubiquitous, always-on, always on your person, permanent link to all the information that is important to you. This is the stuff of science fiction of just 20 years ago (Star Trek TNG) and I for one, love it! Fifteen years ago I got my first laptop computer as a high school graduation present, and even though in those days I had to tether to a phone jack to connect to CompuServe it was still so liberating not having to be at my desk. A few short years later we had mainstream WiFi, followed shortly by high speed cellular data and now, WiMAX.

As to desktops...sure, they'll still be around for the foreseeable future, though they too are getting smaller and more energy efficient every year. Soon the current generation Mac mini will seem large, slow and energy inefficient yet today it is the fastest and greenest desktop system you can get in its form factor. I do wonder if one day the laptop and all-in-one form factors will overtake the traditional box-and-monitor desktop scheme. As long as the hardware remains easy to work on and upgrade (are you listening, Apple?) it will be a welcome change in my book.

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