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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku, everybody's favourite open source BeOS recreation, is currently undertaking a push towards a second alpha release, a beta, and even R1. Thanks to funds raised, Haiku has been able to hire several contractors to code full-time for the project, leading to serious progress.
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RE: Hourly Rate
by Zenja on Wed 7th Apr 2010 19:05 UTC in reply to "Hourly Rate"
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For the last 9 years, most of Haiku developers worked on Haiku out of pleasure, not for financial gain. Its an emotional hobby. Since the contracts are only for a month, it is quite feasible that the developers are doing this during their annual leave period (from their primary job). Just check the Haiku commit log, and you'll see that Stephan and Ingo have contributed an enormous amount of code - they've been working on Haiku during evenings, weekends and during holidays, so its good to see that they can get some money (more symbolic than anything) for doing something they love.

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