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Opera Software Since the announcement from Opera about submitting Opera Mini to the App Store made it to the front page, I can't really relegate the application's admittance into the App Store to the side column - I'm not particularly liked by the Apple fans as it is. So, here it goes, full frontal: Apple has accepted Opera Mini into the App Store.
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RE: Faster on Android - IMO
by Heard on Tue 13th Apr 2010 19:28 UTC in reply to "Faster on Android - IMO"
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I regularly use Opera on my Nokia 5800, which runs Symbian, and I am also very impressed of it since the release of the current version. It's fast, works flawless and the user interface is almost perfect. In my view it's better than Safari on the iPhone. The only two things that could be better are the zooming levels and flash support.

I really wonder if the iPhone version is that much different from the Symbian Version.

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RE[2]: Faster on Android - IMO
by phoenix on Tue 13th Apr 2010 22:08 in reply to "RE: Faster on Android - IMO"
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I use Opera Mini 4 and Opera Mini 5 beta 2 on my Sony-Ericsson w580i.

4 works beautifully, loads in under 3 seconds, has page-up/page-down (left/right arrow) support, and can handle all the news sites I throw at it.

5, on the other hand, takes 30 seconds to load, doesn't have page-up/page-down, and takes longer to load each page. Looks nicer than 4, though, and supports multiple tabs. But it's sluggish. Hopefully, the release version will be faster.

Compared to the included WAP browser, Opera Mini is awesome! Compared to a full-fledged Webkit-based browser? No idea. (Won't be upgrading my phone until I see an Sony Xperia X10-mini Pro in Canada.)

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RE[2]: Faster on Android - IMO
by _txf_ on Tue 13th Apr 2010 22:57 in reply to "RE: Faster on Android - IMO"
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If you're looking for something similar to what opera does but with flash and video stuff you should look at skyfire. I've not tried it yet but what is cool is that not only do videos get scaled you download less data.

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RE[3]: Faster on Android - IMO
by Heard on Wed 14th Apr 2010 17:14 in reply to "RE[2]: Faster on Android - IMO"
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Skyfire's user interface is horrible compared to Opera's. Flash support is pretty useless using Skyfire. Playing flash videos is extremly choppy. Same for playing flash games. Even viewing flash sites is everything else than a pleasure. Summed up it only consumes bandwith, nothing else.

The only better thing is the rendering which is almost perfect. Never really had problems regarding the rendering of Opera, though. (it's optimization of websites to the size of the screen is most times even better to use)

Flash lite using Nokia's own browser it much better to use, btw.

My experience with Skyfire applies only to my Nokia 5800, though.

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