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Linux The tools used to boot Linux are changing. Specifically, the Grand Unified Bootloader is now officially in maintenance mode only, and GRUB's developers have abandoned the original GRUB in favor of an entirely rewritten package, known as GRUB 2. Discover GRUB 2's new capabilities and how to use it.
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It works on my systems
by darknexus on Thu 22nd Apr 2010 05:54 UTC
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It is, however, a serious pita if it doesn't work on a particular setup. And wtf is the deal with the new format of the menu entries? For fsck's sake, it almost looks like C++! And why on earth, when I tell it to install to a specific drive, does it insist on trying to probe for drives I do not have and giving seek errors as a result?
If GRUB2 works in its default config, you're covered. If you need to change anything, you'll quickly see how screwed up it is despite some of the cool new features such as being able to boot ISO images. This is like the Pulseaudio situation... except worse, as the boot loader is a bit more important.
Oh, and why when one distro does something stupid like this do the others follow suit? Do these devs have some sort of inferiority complex that they need to get all whiz-bang and update to something that isn't ready? And we wonder why desktop Linux isn't going very far...

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