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Mac OS X Over the weekend, a rumour spread like wildfire through Apple and Mac circles which stated that starting with Mac OS X 10.7, Apple would introduce the App Store model to the Mac, allowing only Apple-approved applications to run. It became apparent to me right away that this was a load of nonsense, and for once, I was right: Steve Jobs has personally dismissed the rumour.
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yes please
by theorz on Mon 26th Apr 2010 16:24 UTC
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I would love an app store for osx. Despite what people on internet forums think, installing software is hard. It is too late for apple to make it exclusive, but an app store would make live much easier for the average person.

Compare (picture you mom doing the steps):
1. Google for the software you are looking for
2. Sift through the matches to try and find out which program is good. Be careful most online review sites are full of lies. Danger: horrible shareware masquerades as something useful. Extreme danger: many apps come with system damaging parasite apps, tootbars, and services.
3. Download the software
4. Figure out where the package downloaded is
5. Open the dmg and manually put the software in the correct location
6. Manage upgrades. Different each app, rarely automatic. How many times do you see someone with multiple msn clients strewn around with people running them straight from the dmg?

1. Type what you are looking for in the app store.
2. Look through the matches. Reviews and ratings are built right in. Know the software is at least not deceptively labeled and not full of parasites.
3. Tell it to install.

I think the difference can best be summed up by:
I have never had a relative ask for help installing software for an iphone/android platform. And I know they install a lot of apps because they are always showing me their latest cool app. But pretty much every non technical person I know has needed my help installing software on other platforms. Or worse needed help cleaning up the mess when they tried to do it themself and chose wrong application from google.

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RE: yes please
by ebasconp on Mon 26th Apr 2010 23:00 in reply to "yes please"
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If Apple would simply provide a repository of free or commercial software to make installations easier (though I do not find something easier than the current way actually), it could be relatively good.

But if Apple provides such repository, they will also provide a huge set of rules, constraints and lawyers on top of the "store" arguing they want to protect me and they wanto to protect the quality of the software I use. And no matter what the Apple fanboys can tell: I want MY computer running whatever I want, with no artificial restrictions on the software it runs and still being the nice POSIX box it is.

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