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Linux Last Monday we reported that Synaptics would be releasing its Gesture Suite for use by Linux OEMs, so they can add multitouch and gesture features to touchpads on Linux laptops. Since many people install Linux by themselves, I wondered if they would make the Suite available for individual users as well - I posed them the question, and the reply is that they're looking into it.
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RE: My major gripes with Synaptics
by darknexus on Thu 29th Apr 2010 09:09 UTC in reply to "My major gripes with Synaptics"
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OH please. If you use an outdated os, an os even the manufacturer no longer supports and hasn't done so on the desktop for quite some time, you can't be surprised if others leave you behind and don't test with such a system. Win2k on the desktop is officially dead, as unfortunate as that is. It was the best, at least imho, version of Windows I've ever used for desktop systems. You can keep using it obviously, but don't be surprised or complain if you don't get access to the latest and greatest drivers or have to jump through some hoops to make them work.
As for disabling the touchpad in favor of a USB mouse, I assume you've actually sent them a feature request along these lines? Still, bare in mind that it isn't something most people even give thought to. Truthfully, options like that should be in the operating system and not the individual mouse driver anyway.

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